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Thinking Outside the Box with Pickup Truck Sales

After a year of doing “OK” compared to their competitors followed by a terrible month of sales, the writing was on the wall for one midwestern domestic automotive dealership: it was time to do something different.

domestic automotiveWe encouraged the dealership to look beyond their own backyard and at the underserved geography surrounding them. Additional digital research showed that there was huge opportunity for truck sales in that area. Thus, their new marketing plan was formulated: focus on truck sales in this strategically-targeted geography.

With our web team’s guidance, the client updated their site with more truck information and some great new landing pages… and then we got to work driving traffic.

increasing auto salesWe began with a display ad overhaul—new creative to help them stand out from the crowd, including two new ad campaigns that showcased a different message than their competitors. We reinforced these new messages with matching Facebook ads and Google My Business offers. Finally, a strong Google paid search campaign optimized toward conversions brought highly-qualified traffic directly to their virtual showroom.

Within 60 days, the dealership had the most truck sales in their market and, not coincidentally, one of the top performing sales months in their history.

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