Marketing in Crisis Conditions

Don't Just Navigate, Chart a New Course

It might be hard to know exactly how to direct your business in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic, but here is what the team at Digital Diagnosis Marketing will do: help you adapt!

At a time when many dealerships hesitated to change their selling process, our team was able to help our automotive clients execute effective strategies that made them stronger than ever.

Our first priority was to bring the product directly to the customer, so we worked with each dealership to come up with a plan to move in-person business completely online. This meant strengthening existing shipping resources, updating websites to promote these programs, and offering additional training on how to quickly and effectively handle leads across all methods of communication—phone, text, email, and social.

We then propagated their programs across all channels, including paid search, display, social, and video. Artfully crafted messaging reassured customers that their needs would still be taken care of from start-to-finish, whichever way they felt comfortable shopping.

The shift worked. Dealers saw the results of their efforts manifest in tangible ways as their sales numbers—and their profits—kept climbing.

When stacked up against the competition in month-end reports:

  • A Midwest dealership group rose to the #1 position in a market where they used to hover between position #5 and #6.
  • A Midwest domestic auto dealer reported one of their highest months ever.
  • A Midwest luxury dealer doubled their sales goal, and grew revenue in service.
  • A Florida dealer group beat their goal for new car sales, while climbing significantly past goal in used car sales.
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Digital Diagnosis Marketing

Digital Diagnosis Marketing