Building a Reputation

Enhancing Your Online Presence Makes a Difference

Reputation matters. While undeniably true in all circumstances, this statement carries even more weight when you're a doctor. After all, your patients are trusting you with their health and, quite often, their lives.

plastic surgeon consulting with patientWhen a Southwest Florida doctor approached us to help him get more business, the Digital Diagnosis Marketing team began with a website overhaul, including photos to highlight his safe environment and new copy to proactively answer patient questions. We extended this message through video ads highlighting the doctor's expertise and experience. We also made it easier than ever to contact the office to schedule an appointment.

5 star reviewThen, we propagated this new content through our adept use of business listings: adding new photos and information to Google My Business, as well as monitoring and responding to older reviews.

In a coordinated effort with office staff, the doctor asked new patients to review him as well, and soon they had built a robust collection of 5-star reviews for Google to highlight. Combined with expert targeting though a paid search campaign, they ended the year with their best month ever, and they are on track to break records throughout the upcoming months.

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Digital Diagnosis Marketing

Digital Diagnosis Marketing