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Dealership Marketing

Digital Diagnosis Marketing understands that automotive dealerships have unique marketing needs. In addition to paid search, targeted display, social media, and our other digital marketing products and services, we offer solutions custom-crafted for our automotive customers.

dealership advertising

Ready to take your automotive dealership to the next level in sales and strategy? We work with owners, dealer principals, sales managers, marketing directors, and beyond to figure out where to bring in the right leads that will convert faster. Plus, by reading digital data & metrics, we’ll help your dealership plan marketing budgets and spend marketing dollars more efficiently than ever before.

Domestic or import? Value or luxury? Hybrid electric cars or commercial work trucks? Whatever your dealership sells, we have what it takes to help you succeed.

Automotive Dealership Solutions

Online Sales

As the automotive sales business has shifted toward e-commerce, many dealerships need to improve their processes. We make sure you outpace other dealerships by keeping you on the cutting edge.

Digital Tune-Up

What’s working? What's missing? By attaching conversion metrics to your marketing spend and analyzing how your digital leads are being handled, we figure out how to maximize your profit.

Digital Leads Workshop

Digital and social leads need to receive the right kind of attention. With messaging as the primary method of contact, we help you figure out how to effectively close these leads.


Service Strategy

One of the biggest revenue streams in an auto business, the service department is often overlooked. We combine real-world insights with dealership data to make it seamless for your customers to schedule appointments.