Eric Wilson

Client Advisor

Eric Wilson, Client Advisor for Digital Diagnosis Marketing

Born and raised in Metro Detroit, Eric believes a good day is a day helping others get better.

After graduating from Mid-Michigan's Northwood University with a B.B.A., Eric has spent his 20+ year career in sales and customer-focused roles. He believes that you need to be fast, flexible, and friendly to retain customer satisfaction and has focused on this model since joining the automotive space in 2005. Before joining Digital Diagnosis Marketing, he was with the #1 rated automotive CRM where he helped dealers with best practices, process, and streamlining the customer experience. Prior, he worked at one of the nation’s largest dealerships.

A true fan of collaboration and learning, Eric has succeeded in his life by following the motto of: if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.

Eric loves traveling with his wife and teenage son. He prefers the beach while his family prefers to visit big cities; needless to say, Eric sees a lot of big cities. Eric is not just a husband and father, he is also a dog lover, brother, funcle, cactus fanatic and frat boy at heart. When he’s not in the sun catching some rays, he’s studying up on his Viking heritage.


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