Getting More Boats in the Water

Post-Hurricane Digital Strategy

One key to digital success is our team’s extensive pre-campaign research. This really made a difference when the fifth most costly Atlantic hurricane hit Southwest Florida in 2017. Conversations about business goals turned into conversations about how to best achieve them, not only on a normal day, but in the days after Irma had created 64.8 billion dollars in damage. luxury boat marketing

In a time when most extra income was being invested in fixing damage and buying essentials, our campaign worked to push Floridians toward a luxury boat purchase.

When their search campaign began, not only did their business grow, but due to our team’s optimizations, every month beat out the month before in boat sales.  In addition, we experienced an 80% drop in cost per click, while maintaining the same position within Google PPC.

goal growth over time

We also embraced the emotion of trust by beginning a display campaign. This resulted in very high phone call volume, which became another key pillar to the business’s success.

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Digital Diagnosis Marketing

Digital Diagnosis Marketing