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Maps & Location Services

Making sure your company is easy-to-find is crucial for any business, big or small. That’s why Digital Diagnosis Marketing puts such a strong emphasis on location-based SEO. Even if you do not have a physical office location, there are tools that help make sure you are found on smartphones, map apps, and map-based searches.

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Get on Google

Google is widely considered the top resource for finding businesses and learning how to contact them. Digital Diagnosis Marketing optimizes your business listing with Google by keeping things like your target locations, photos, and business hours up to date.

Streetview and 360°

Google Streetview and 360° Tours make it easier for people to get places, go places, and plan ahead. It is one of the reasons we have a Google Trusted Photographer and Streetview Team ready to help take high-quality photos for your business page. Let people virtually visit you before they arrive in person.

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Go Beyond Google

It's essential to not forget about other places that provide your location information to the public. Ensuring that all of your business information is consistent across sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yelp boosts your company’s search engine value and helps customers reach you.