Marketing Beyond the Numbers

Benchmarks are Only the Beginning

When Google experts told our agency that we were achieving some of the lowest CPCs and highest conversions in the industry, we knew our hard work had paid off. When multiple clients told us that our agency’s marketing efforts were allowing them to achieve record-breaking sales, we reached a new level of success.

benchmark data

Because we build tailor-made campaigns backed by real data—and because those campaigns undergo daily optimizations made by intelligent human beings (not machines)—we are used to seeing click though rates well above industry benchmarks. In this instance, Google took note because our CTR is near triple the industry standard.

Our campaign setup and execution is clearly on point, but much more lies below the surface. To achieve success, we keep a close eye on the marketplace and industry trends. We look at what our clients’ competitors are doing—more specifically, what they are doing better within their own industry—and advise our clients how to grow beyond where they currently are.

successful salesperson

Recently, a client told us that they were struggling to make their sales goal and felt as if they were falling behind their competitors. A deep dive in analytics told us that their website data looked strong, so our team set out to diagnose the deeper issue.

During our holistic assessment, we found a competitor online selling the same products for 20% less. We also mystery shopped their store and determined that they needed more internal sales training. We shared these findings with our client immediately.

successful sales through ppcBy taking action right away, we were able to get their sales back on track and ensure that their monthly goal could still be met.

It's this kind of honesty and transparency that creates an unsurpassed depth of value in our client relationships.


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