Organic Instagram

Build Your Followers, Build Your Brand

By employing expert tactics, we were able to grow an event venue’s Instagram followers by over 400 users in just one month, with continued growth of nearly 200% just six months after the campaign launch!

event venue success storyWith more than 65,000 photos being uploaded to Instagram every minute*, it is imperative that your business stands out in the crowd. But how does one capture the attention of potential customers on this ever-scrolling feed?

instagram likesAlthough your company’s Instagram goal may be new customers and repeat clientele, marketing your business on this platform shouldn’t feel like marketing at all… at least to the customer. Successful organic Instagram posts will feel congruous with the platform, not like a jarring advertisement that takes the user away from the experience. Think less stock art and more showcasing the real ins & outs of your business.

Combine these authentic photos with popular hashtags to gain exposure beyond your current followers, and you’ve created a business journey that people will choose to follow.

* 2018 Statista Research

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