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Building Strategy from the Ground Up

When it comes to making a name for yourself in the ultra-competitive world of real estate, the difference is in the details. What are you doing to stand out? This question was at the heart of a comprehensive plan for a Southwest Florida realty company.real estate SEO

Just like the buildings they were selling, we started from the ground up. Enhanced online directory listings made them easier to find… and easier to distinguish from their competition. Significant website optimizations helped improve their page speed and search ranking. Finally, content additions and navigation revisions allowed for a better user experience, helping potential investors not only find information easier but also convincing those customers that they were the right company for the job.

real estate marketing growthYear over year, our improvements have nearly doubled overall traffic to their site through organic and direct traffic alone. In addition, their bounce rate has dropped over 97%. Pageviews and pages per session have also increased significantly, at 264% and 79%, respectively.

These huge gains for the company prove what our team has known all along: people want to find the best company possible, as easily as possible, and then invest time to build a great partnership.

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