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Why Paid Search & Targeted Display Ads are Important for Driving in Sales in Local Dealerships

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Between the heavy transition to online shopping, the growth in online competitors, the recent global pandemic, and the uncertain inventory with new vehicles, local auto dealerships are facing more challenges than ever! However, a well-planned and implemented marketing strategy can and will keep a dealership earning outstanding profits.

cars being soldSince day one, we have earned one multi-branded auto dealership’s continued trust and loyalty through our inclusive marketing campaigns that utilize their greatest digital assets—paid search and display advertising. This strategy has led to overwhelming growth from the bottom of their manufacturer reports all the way to number one!


For the month of August 2021 alone, this dealership saw a 55.2% increase in conversions for one of their auto brands. They also received a 49.2% increase in impressions and a 37.7% increase in clicks for their new vehicle ads. This is all while their competitors were showing losses.


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Display ads that are well-designed build brand awareness for a business and help a campaign perform its best. We used custom creatives that invoked engaging visual content, and which complimented each individual vehicle brand. In just one month, this client’s click-thru rate (CTR) grew 1.35x what the national auto industry average is (0.6%) for display advertising.

Just because the times are hard, does not mean a company’s sales or profits must suffer. A customized plan for paid search and display ads, along with other digital marketing tools, can rev up a business and keep the numbers speeding in!


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