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Helping a Hotel with Direct Bookings

Hotels are all about maximizing revenue while increasing customer satisfaction. When a college town hotel found that too much of their profit was being spent on booking engines like Expedia and, they turned to Digital Diagnosis Marketing for help.hotel booking advertising success

The client already knew that booking directly was a win-win for all parties involved; it saved money for both themselves and their customers. In light of this, a “book direct and save” message became the cornerstone of their advertising, and a new on-site landing page was created to outline the benefits of booking directly with the hotel.

book direct and saveBecause hotel bookings come from low-funnel prospects, we knew a paid search advertising would be a great fit. A display ad campaign added a visual reinforcement of the same message, resulting in maximum impact.

hotel case study new users graphWithin one month, analytics data showed a 64% increase to the site year-over-year, with 84% being new visitors. The display ad campaign alone was responsible for a 850% increase in goal completions month-over-month in their website analytics.

Best of all, the hotel itself reported that their direct booking revenue was over 150% of what it was before… all in their first month! The gain was so great that they were able to cancel their presence on all booking engines entirely.

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Digital Diagnosis Marketing

Digital Diagnosis Marketing