Search Engine Optimization

Instantly Doubling Organic Traffic

When a national e-commerce company needed help to shift their sales into high gear, Digital Diagnosis Marketing offered the perfect strategy: in-depth search engine optimization on their most popular pages, and paid search to promote their most profitable catalog SEO

For SEO, we took a twofold approach. On the back end, we added relevant meta data that allowed search engines to efficiently index exactly what is on each page. On the front end, we eliminated duplicate content and made sure descriptions were consistent. Together, these changes made it easier for customers to find what they needed fast.

year over year SEO increase

The spike in traffic due to SEO was immediate… and drastic. In the three months following our optimizations, site traffic from organic search had more than doubled, bringing over 40,000 more users to the site than during the same time period the year before, and the number of new users was up nearly 115%.

Site changes have also had an ongoing positive effect on their paid search campaign, with return on ad spend increasing over 50% month over month.

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Digital Diagnosis Marketing

Digital Diagnosis Marketing