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Selling Out Events with a Targeted Strategy

Spending an evening out to dinner is common, but what about when that evening is a holiday? If you’re hosting an event on a day when most consumers will assume that you’re closed, it’s important to get the word out early, often, and in the most efficient way possible.

email marketing graphicOur team started by building an event-specific landing page on our client’s website, making it as easy as possible for guests to book their dinner reservations online in as few clicks as possible.  We them employed this landing page across three main fronts:

• A/B tested paid Facebook ads targeting nearby audiences that were most likely to convert.
• Email blasts using the client’s own customer database.
• The client’s own social media pages to reach customers who already like their business.

Not only did the event sell out early, the client also had to offer a waitlist!

Needless to say, the dinner itself was also successful. With hundreds of satisfied diners on our hands who had now witnessed the splendor of the venue firsthand, we were able to grow targeting for future campaigns as well.

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