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As a Facebook & Instagram Marketing Partner Agency, we know that creating promotional material for social media is arguably even more effective than traditional SEO. These platforms are larger than ever before and provide every business with a unique sense of creative freedom.

Starting a social media account for your company is simple enough, but knowing how to utilize it to its full potential can be challenging. There are so many different media platforms out there—and not only do they all operate differently, users expect different experiences on each.

That’s where Digital Diagnosis Marketing comes in. Our team is skilled in a variety of different social media sites. We can help get you going in the right direction on the platforms you’re unfamiliar with, or teach you some new tricks for the ones you’ve already been using.

Social Media Built for Your Goals


Perfect for letting your community know about an upcoming event, managing reviews, and building a family of loyal customers.


Everyone knows a picture says a thousand words, and Instagram has made it easy to convey those words to a wide population.


Show off what your business is all about. Let people see the faces and features that make up your organization.


Quick, exciting video clips that keep your audience in the know and don’t take up much of their time. Easily express your company’s personality.