Streaming TV (OTT) Ads

Viewers today are stepping away from cable TV and cozying up to video streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and ESPN. Don’t believe us? The facts speak for themselves.

240.7 M
People in the U.S. will be OTT video service users by the end of 2022.


amazon video logo
152.6 million viewers with 4.1% growth YoY.


hulu logo
125.8 million viewers with 8.2% growth YoY.


YouTube logo
230.6 million viewers with 2.1% growth YoY.


Now is the time to take those TV dollars and have them targeted to only those you need to reach. This growing audience of viewers will see your brand, company, or product advertisement on the big screen along with your audiences’ favorite movies, tv shows, and live sports.

Video ads delivered to viewers through these streaming services are referred to as OTT, connected TV, or streaming TV ads. OTT ads offer an opportunity for advertisers to reach new audiences and reconnect with their current audience in a new way.


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OTT Ads Benefits

OTT ads not only reach a large (and growing) audience, but they also offer many great benefits that aren’t found through traditional video ad channels such as cable or broadcast TV.


Hulu Network of Companies Ads:

  • No skippable ads
  • 100% ad completion—you only pay for ads viewed to completion
  • Premium long-form content
  • Fair rotation for ads


  • Offers no skippable ads
  • Appear before or during streaming videos
  • Expands many channels such asIMDb TV, Amazon Publisher Services broadcaster and network apps, live sports, Twitch, and the News app on Fire TV.

YouTube TV:

  • Offers a vast viewing audience
  • Better demographics and engagement than TV
  • Great mobile engagement
  • Social sharing

Let Digital Diagnosis Marketing take your brand or company to new heights with our OTT ads. Streaming ads are just one of the many products we offer that can transform your current marketing strategy. Reach new audiences, put your brand in the spotlight, and watch your sales grow!


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