TV Meets Paid Search

Using Data to Shine the Light on the Right Targets

Trying to figure out when people are hungry for Mexican food and targeting their device at that particular hour is not too difficult. But making sure those people are the type of people who would actually show up to a client’s restaurant is a much more complicated mission. Digital Diagnosis Marketing rose to the challenge for our client when our team made some great moves to get the client in front of Spanish-speaking audiences on Telemundo.

marketing on telemundo Using data from the customer’s website and paid search campaigns, our team began with analyzing what kind of programming potential customers would enjoy watching on TV, and also which demographics would be most interested in trying the restaurant out.  Our Digital Diagnosis Marketing also revealed that our client needed to switch their marketing dollars around to focus mainly on one restaurant; its mall location allowed the ability to convert more hungry bellies due to the sheer volume of potential customers in the mall.

In conjunction with the spot on Telemundo, this new digital campaign increased their website sessions by 7.1% and 5,000 page views in only 75 days!

And, with our ongoing analysis, their campaign is now entirely mobile-focused to more easily convert people when they feel the hunger pangs churning.

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Digital Diagnosis Marketing

Digital Diagnosis Marketing