Website User Experience

From Frustration to Increased Applications

In an age where you have mere seconds to deliver results before your potential customer bounces to your competition, user experience should be a primary focus of your business.

website updates case studyOur client, a real estate company based in Southwest Florida, was exhibiting several of the symptoms of an inefficient site: high bounce rate, mobile incompatibility, long load times, outdated photos, lack of video experiences, and a stagnant format.

Our team tackled the problems one by one, beginning with the largest issues and working our way down to the details. Images were compressed for size and speed. New code was written to work within the required template to make pages not only mobile friendly, but easier to read on all devices. Navigation was restructured for ease of use, and a search bar was added to be able to let the user control their path down the road in finding a new place to live.

website UX case study stats

Finally, new content—including videos, infographics, photos, and text—were added to complete the package.

As a result, customers are looking at more properties on the updated site. The new statistics show a 26.64% lower bounce rate, a 39.61% higher page per session!

There is also a significant gain in average session duration compared to the same time period last year.

Organic search has also increased on the user-friendly site.

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